Sashimi & Sushi Dinner Sets

(served with miso soup & salad) - adds or substitutions are subject to price change

Ni-Mo Dinner Specials

Bento Box Dinner Sets

Dinner Teishoku

(served with miso soup, salad & steamed rice)
Grilled Items
1. Saba Shioyaki(grilled mackerel)  
2. Chicken Teriyaki (or spicy teriyaki)  
3. Salmon Teriyaki (or shioyaki)  
4. Beef Short Ribs  
5. Mixed Tempura  
6. Tonkatsu (deep fried pork cutlets)  
7. Chicken Katsu (deep fried chicken cutlets)  
8. Beef Teriyaki (or spicy teriyaki)  
9. Unagidon (grilled eel over steamed rice)  

Udon (white noodles in soup) / Ramen (egg noodles in soup) Add California Roll or Gyoza ......  
1. Chicken Udon   5. Beef Udon  
Chicken Cutlet Udon
Nabeyaki Udon
(mixed seafood, tempura shrimp, egg)
Tonkatsu Udon (pork cutlet)

Tempura Udon (deep fried shrimp & veggles)


Ni-Mo Combination Dinners Create your own dinner... Choose any 2 dishes........................ 
(served with miso soup, salad & steamed rice) - No Two same dishes
Beef Short Ribs Saba Shioyaki (mackerel)
California Roll Salmon Shioyaki
Chicken Katsu / Cutlet Mixed Tempura
Chicken Teriyaki Vegetable Tempura
Beef Teriyaki Agedashi Tofu
Salmon Teriyaki Tonkatsu (pork cutlet)
Sashimi (mixed raw fish) Kappa Maki (cucumber)

Children's Meal (Age 10 & Under) Create your own child's plate...Choose any 2 disces................... 
(served with steamed rice)
Chicken Teriyaki Tonkatsu
Mixed Tempura Chicken Katsu
California Roll Gyoza
Avocado Roll Shumai
Kappa Maki French Fries
Sukiyaki / Yosenabe
1. Chicken Sukiyaki  
2. Beef Sukiyaki  
3. Seafood Sukiyaki  
4. Yosenabe (fish & veggies in soup)